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New York, during the mid-1980's, was an amazing time for graffiti writers. Trains were crushed, styles were poppin, and TC-5 was one of the main crews at the forefront of the thriving graffiti scene.

The crew's roots originate from the early 1970's with The Crazy 5, which was a legendary crew from the Bronx with an impressive roster consisting of BLADE, DEATH, VAMM, TULL 13, CRACHEE, and later AJAX, COMET, SILVER TIPS, and MAZE. Keep in mind, in the earlier days of graffiti, most writer's wrote for a few years then moved on. COMET and BLADE weren't the average writers though, and crushed NYC Transit through the late 70's into the early 80's.

After most of the original members of The Crazy 5 had retired, in a somewhat controversial move at the time, COMET granted presidency of TC-5 to a writer from the Bronx named SEEN (or as some called him, L'il SEEN). SEEN reshaped the crew with some of the freshest writers of his generation such as BEAM, JUICE, DOZE, DOC, LADY PINK, as well as expanding the crew primarily from the Bronx into a true All-City force. As you can see from the flicks, TC-5 rocked the number and letter lines hard with some of the freshest cars pulled out on the NYC Subway system, and has continued to push the boundaries of contemporary letter and character styles over the past 25 years.

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